A06 Type-C Cable 2.5A dotfes

Dotfes USB Type-C A06T Dual Tone Color Cable has a feature that sets it apart from all other A06 type models. The developers have equipped the accessory with the USB Type-C specification, which is found in many modern tablets and smartphones. This indicator is responsible for how quickly the cable can work. The better the indicated numbers, the faster the device will charge using this accessory. With DC5D 2.5A, your device can recharge very quickly. The round shape of the cable is a fairly standard solution for manufacturers of this type of accessory. Dotfes was still able to improve the lifespan of a plain cable with a braid. We want to pay special attention to the nylon braid, since it is quite strong and durable. Developers using this material have been able to eliminate the confusion problem that users often encounter. The body is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and durable. The service life of the accessory due to this material increases significantly.
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كود المخزن: 210010
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